Photo Gallery

Monarch Caterpillar Life Cycle

For more information about Monarchs, including Annual Breeding Cycle and Migration, please see: The Science of Monarchs

Photos by Canton, CT Wildlife Photographer, Wendy Rosenberg

Aphrodite fritillary


Tiger swallowtail

Spicebush swallowtail


Pearl crescent on Echinacea

Ruby-throated hummingbird (female)

White-faced hornet

Bumblebee on Milkweed

Hummingbird moth

Photo Gallery of Collinsville Pollen Trail @ Allen Place, Collinsville, CT

Gateway to Collinsville, CT

Knotweed is a fast-growing invasive

Invasive Plant Management is Key

Early planning meeting with DPW

Eversource's Vegetation Management

The first planting of Native Shrubs 2019

View of Collinsville Pollen Trail 2019

Neighbors gather to help mulch

Collinsville Pollen Trail Spring 2020

Collinsville Pollen Trail Summer 2020

An early view of the Trail Summer 2017

Many trees were cut down (including invasive black locust / Norway maple)

An altered landscape (knotweed still remains on left slope) Summer 2020

Team Leaders battling Knotweed

Allen Place Neighbors and Friends

Volunteer watering crew keeps plants alive and well during the drought

Donated Rain Barrels courtesy of Rain Barrel Bob (thank you!)

Cut Knotweed is laid out to dry while undergrowth is smothered by tarps

Bumblebee on Wild Bergamot

Cabbage white on Blazing Star

Silver-spotted Skipper on Wild Bergamot

Monarch on Common Milkweed